Urban's Glass
Matthew Urban began his career in art at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia as an industrial design student. The design field was where his first inspirations for glass came from. Intrigued by the multitudes of designs produced in glass from Italy from 1920 to 1962, he began to research the designers, architects, and sculptors from this distinctive time period. One semester he took an elective class in glassblowing and he soon changed majors from industrial design to glass. That following summer he recieved a scholarship to the Corning Museum of Glass to study with Maestro Gianni Toso and decided to make glassmaking his life. That was about ten years ago and since then has had been a production assistant for Michael Schunke at Nine Iron Studio, and Tom Farbanish at Certified Glass. An artist in resident , instructor and , Gaffer with Corning Museum of Glass. A staff member at Pilchuck Glass School, and has studied and worked around the world with numerous master glass makers specifically from Murano Italy. Matthew has had the opportunity to study and assist Lino Tagliapietra, Pino Signoretti, Dino Rosin, Gianni Toso, Elio Quarisa, Checco Ongaro, Davide Fuin, and Davide Salvidore. These interactions have had a profound on Matthew’s approach of glassmaking and appreciation for the history of glass. In May 2007 completed his Masters Degree at Illinois State University in Glass/Sculpture, in 2010 he completed building his artist studio. Matthew's studio has ultra low carbon footprint in addition he uses 100% recycled glass for all his designs and sculpture.